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Inquiry Pop-up 2019

Image of Inquiry Pop-up 2019

with The Sailing Collective
Saturday, 1 June - Friday, June 7, 2019
The Saronic Islands, Greece
$2525 - SOLD OUT

This year's journey is currently full. If you're interested in being placed on the waiting list, a $500 deposit will hold your space. If 6 more gals sign-up, we'll sail as a flotilla. NOTE: The deposit is so I can plan for an additional sailing yacht, in earnest, and without risk. While I don't traffic in refunds, your $500 will be refunded in full if the second vessel doesn't make — by 1 May.


You’re probably here because you’ve been invited to Inquiry Pop-up—we’ve talked, and you’re ready to register. Sweet! And if you’re a friend-of-a-friend or a curious lurker, welcome. It’s an honor to e-meet you!

A BRIEF RECAP | Inquiry Pop-up is a vacay meets salon meets dinner party, for a carefully curated coterie of women, in a spectacular and remote location.

It’s seven days/six nights of personal and professional inquiry; intoxicating conversations about the arts, design, business, culture; and the awakenings that come with a being just on *this* side of being out of your element. It’s breathtaking how the atmosphere changes when in this environment. With each edition of Inquiry Pop-up, I aim to set the stage for this shift. Stealing away to inspiring locations, and refreshing the eye through a gaggle of meaning-making moments…shared at the table, experienced in the field, learning new things, creating new pathways — and this year, being unmoored. At sea.

THE VIBE | The Saronic Gulf is this year’s playground. Leaving terra firma and sailing the Saronic islands is a significant part of the experience. The horizon line will also play a role, as will ambient movement, manifesting avatars, investigating silence vs quiet, and of course pondering our place in the divine nighttime sky.

Greeks say ‘slowly, slowly’ in relation to well, everything. Well, slowly, slowly is exactly how we'll take our week.

OUR SETTING | Sailing from Athens to the nearby Saronic Islands is the perfect balance of accessible, and remote. Our home base is a 55' sailing yacht. Luxury and rigor. This time of year, the Saronic Gulf is warm and the waves are hospitable. Each day we arrive at a new island: Hydra! Poros! Spetses! Epidavros! Aegina! We’ll explore organically in duos, small groups, all together, or you might adventure solo. Onboard we’ll eat fresh, flavorful meals and clink Campari Spritz. At evening’s end we’ll spy shooting stars, be rocked gently to sleep—then welcome the morning with coffee and a new framework in which to experience our next destination.

EIGHT WOMEN | This year I can accommodate 5 ‘Inquirers’ (or more if you and a friend are open to sharing a queenish-size bed). Y’all, plus me, and our female captain & chef makes us 8. There are three single occupancy and one double occupancy cabins. I’ve already planted a seed with our outfitter, that if the interest is high we may request a second boat. The image of our group sailing as a flotilla, makes me smile. After 5 confirmed participants, I’ll have a waitlist, and call it one way or the other by 1 March.

AN AGREEMENT | I look forward to welcoming you to Inquiry Pop-up, June 1-7, 2019. Purchasing below acts as your registration, and it also means you're in agreement with all the peccadillos explained on the Q&A page. If you haven't read that thoroughly, kindly do so now so there are no surprises and you are 100% on-board. The biggest ‘term’ to understand, being ready to register and all, is that there are no refunds, for reasons explained.

Q&A pageHERE

Soon after I get notification that you’ve registered your intent, I’ll personally reach out to touch base. I’m already over-the-moon imagining you onboard.

Important note: Registering for Inquiry Pop-up includes 7 days of prompts, workshops, movement, and/or adventures (one per day to keep thing chill.); 7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 3 Dinners; 6 nights to rest your head (in a single or double cabin); an optional 1:1 consult with me; plus all the magic our coterie and location co-creates. It DOESN’T include airfare to/from Athens, transport to Alimos Marina, or alcohol.


Inquiry Pop-up is a Viewers Like You, Co. Production.