ORA+CLE Divination for Designers & Others


ORA+CLE is a limited edition of 50. Pre-ordering ensures you will receive your copy. Upon release, every day the price of the deck will increase $1 until they're sold out. Estimated ship date is 1 July, 2018.

I’m interested in the emotional experiences we have in our professional lives. In fact, I built my design practice to accommodate them. ORA+CLE is 20 years in the making. Created as a daily guide to help create a bridge between your emotional body, and what action is needed.

Developed pragmatically, empathetically — and yes, intuitively — an ORA+CLE practice honors the past, energizes the present and empowers the future. Designed to be used on its own as a way of deepening inquiry, or as a compliment to an existing divination practice. You can expect a looser, yet more utilitarian, exploration of the Hero’s Journey (the stages of psychological and spiritual growth).

Where ORA+CLE differs from an oracle deck or Tarot is that it’s a divination tool created with the needs of designers in mind. And the great thing is, ORA+CLE works for anyone who interfaces professionally or personally with humans. So, pretty much everyone.

ORA+CLE is intrinsic, esoteric, dynamic, cosmic, prosaic, therapeutic, rhapsodic, terrific. It's a vehicle for finding meaning & magic in the quotidian.

Learn more about ORA+CLE, my process, The Cantos, and influences → HERE.
As you'll see, the page is still under construction (eh-hem, no photos...), but I trust you'll get the gist.


Divination for Designers [ & Others ]

+ 50 Cards + Guide
+ 5" × 7"
+ Full color
+ 19pt uncoated, smooth stock
+ Convenient tuck box for portability
+ Estimated ship date: 1 July, 2018


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